November 05, 2007

NBC's football sanctimony

OK, I began writing this last night, and since then there's been a bunch of like-minded articles put up. Nevertheless ...

I don't think I've seen anything as ridiculous as last night's "Football Night in America." There I was, still pissed at the New England Patriots beating the Indianapolis Colts about an hour prior, hoping that my second favorite team -- the Philadelphia Eagles -- would crush the Dallas Cowboys. Suddenly, I blurt out a huge "WTF??" Was I really seeing what I was seeing? The NBC Sunday Night Football crew -- actually managing to keep straight faces while they turned out the lights in their studio to "make a statement" about global warming?? And they apparently kept them out for a good portion of the game! (They were still off at halftime ... did they keep 'em off or just turn the lights off again for the cameras?)

(What IS this? A friggin' seance??)

There was Bob Costas, Cris Collingsworth and the execrable Keith Olbermann ... sitting in the friggin' dark with a few candles around them, "doing their part" for a "green planet." What a hoot. They looked like a trio of totally self-absorbed a-holes. And here's the thing: Do these morons even know who their audience is? Do environmentalist hippies turn on the tube to watch a football game on Sunday night? Or is the audience mostly Joe Six-Pack types whose very last wish is to see, during a football game, a TV network proselytizing about what they should "do" to save the Earth (mainly based on Al Gore's flawed "science")?

So, ultimately, there were two comedic aspects about last night: The Eagles' performance, and the elitist dolts that make up the "FNA" broadcast team. I mean, for God's sake -- Jerome Bettis' nickname for last night was -- I swear to God -- "The Hybrid Bus."

If I was the NFL commish, I'd be looking for another Sunday night broadcast network for next year. And quick.

Check out the video here.

Kevin McCullough adds his two cents:

... at halftime they cut to Matt Lauer looking like an eskimo virgin somewhere in the arctic circle, to preview the week of "Green is Universal" week of programming. He previewed how NBC's "Today Show" will be pandering to the environmental whack jobs all week with reports from himself out of his what appeared to be well lit igloo, Al Roker somewhere in some tropical jungle on the equator, and Ann Curry on the opposite pole.

A reader via the Newsbusters tip line adds regarding Lauer:

Matt Lauer just did a piece on SNF where he was allegedly broadcasting from Greenland. The funny thing was, it was supposed to be -12 degrees but not once did you see Matt's breath, nor did he show any outwards signs of being in a cold environment (shivering, nasal discharge, facial discomfort, etc). I've been in -12 degrees and let me tell you, after a few minutes you are displaying many, many signs. Matt may well have been in Greenland, but I suspect he was in a trailer with a blue screen behind him. There is no way he was outside.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

TV and radio writer Tom Jicha chimes in:

NBC is going green this week. Given the free fall the network's ratings are in, maybe NBC should be more concerned with going black. Then again, this might explain its attention-seeking "Green Is Universal" stunt, a week of programming dominated by environmental themes.

You have to wonder if NBC is driven as much by guilt as altruism. Show business is gluttonous when it comes to the use of energy.

But the zenith of inanity will come on Deal or No Deal. The 26 briefcase-opening models, each hot enough to exacerbate global warming, will be attired in dresses made from recycled army parachutes, material unlikely to ever touch their bodies again. If this weren't asinine enough, Howie Mandel will enter the studio on a bicycle, with the women trailing on bikes of their own. Don't they usually walk?

That last paragraph made me laugh up part of my lunch this afternoon!

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I find it hilarious that in the same week NBC is supposedly trying to advocate for conservation to "prevent global warming," they're spending an inordinate amount of resources to ship their reporters off to the most far off destinations as possible. I hope they planted enough trees to offset the carbon footprint caused by this ridiculousness!

Posted by: Jon at November 5, 2007 05:45 PM


I am in favor of this lights out thing. It could do the following:

Extend the news careers of aging anchors and talking heads like Lesley Visser, Jim Garner, JB (J Brown), Herb Clarke and Big Al Musser (too late for those 2 I guess) and how about that investment guy on Sunday mornings with the really bad toupee.

And it would be great on our eyes for any Hilary Clinton appearance not to mention shitty (ain't they all) Super Bowl halftime shows.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at November 5, 2007 06:36 PM

Hey! Remember when Marvel comics did the "Nuff Said" month when no characters spoke in any of the comics? This was even stupider!

Posted by: Mark at November 5, 2007 06:39 PM

LOL, Mark! Great call!!

Posted by: Hube at November 5, 2007 06:43 PM

I have an idea. All night games will now be unlit. Fans and players will be given miners helmets with flashlights on the front so they can see where they're going. The football will be painted with glow in the dark tape to make it easier to follow. Also, everyone will be required to either bike to the stadium or go on horseback.

Posted by: Duffy at November 5, 2007 08:50 PM

LOL, Duff! Friggin' hilarious!

Posted by: Hube at November 5, 2007 08:56 PM

I notice they didn't shut off the big-ass flat screen TV behind them (with the sponsor logo) to save even more juice.

Posted by: G Rex at November 7, 2007 04:20 PM