November 01, 2007

Hube on WGMD radio this Sunday

I'll be on WGMD talk radio this Sunday during that most sought-after of time spots, 6:00-7:00am, with host Maria Evans. Since WILM's Dace Blaskovitz ditched Tom Noyes and I this month (he had a good reason, natch), it works out quite nice. Except that I have to get up at the same time I would on a weekday...

Maria and I go WAY back, so the banter should be fun. I'm sure the thought-control program at UD will be a topic.

Oh, I forgot to mention that WGMD has entered the 21st century and actually has live streaming audio via the Internets now. So if by some -- just some -- chance you're up at that hour and you're a Kent or New Castle Co. resident, tune in!

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Ouch! Should be all of 10 people listening...

Be sure to give her props for breaking the bridge story.

Posted by: liberalgeek at November 1, 2007 09:44 PM

The one I broke tonight? Thanks.

And I'm pretty sure I have at least 15 listeners on Sunday morning. OK, maybe 12. Definitely more than 10.

Posted by: maria evans at November 3, 2007 12:51 AM

You meant the other story...can I just say I hope there are no more...I use that bridge....

And I counted my listeners twice and I'm pretty sure now that I have 14. I expect that number to skyrocket to 17 with the time change this weekend....

Posted by: maria evans at November 3, 2007 01:04 AM