October 20, 2007

Popular rapper titles album the "N" word -- will there be demands he be fired?

Rapper "Nas" has a new album coming in December. It's title? The "N" word. (Yep, the whole word spelled out.) But I like how the Associated Press describes the term: "To some, it's a hurtful racial epithet. For Nas, it's an album title."

"To some ..."

Haven't we been told repeatedly that use of this term should cease completely? The New York City Council even considered banning the word. Don Imus was fired from his radio gig for using "lesser" hurtful terms, but the National Association of Black Journalists wants him to stay fired.

"The title using the 'N' word is morally offensive and socially distasteful. Nas has the right to degrade and denigrate in the name of free speech, but there is no honor in it," the Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a news release. "Radio and television stations have no obligation to play it and self-respecting people have no obligation to buy it. I wish he would use his talents to lift up and inspire, not degrade."

The question remains, however, whether Jackson (not to mention Al Sharpton and the other usual suspects) will be out there in the streets demanding Nas either re-title the album, and if not, demand he be dropped from his label. In addition, will they picket said label's offices and the record stores that carry the album?

Unlikely. Amazingly, Jackson actually mentions "free speech" in his quote above. That sure hasn't been a popular notion for him in the past, has it?

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John Lennon got away with it, didn't he? Anyway, I hope that I don't get into trouble due to my co-bloggers use of the term yesterday.

Posted by: soccer dad at October 22, 2007 11:42 AM

Jesse Jackson actually had the audacity to say that Nas needs to use his talent to uplift people. Well Mr. Jesse Jackson, who has a child outside his marriage, did you forget that Nas is the artist that made I Know I Can. Now if that is not an uplifting song I don't know what is Mr. Jackson. I also believe that if you keep the bad connotation that is associated with the word than people will always view it as bad, but if you start to put a positive spin on it then the word can be viewed as it is viewed in our communities where that word means a friend. The word Nigger means an ignorant person. Ok a nigger can be black, white, asian, or hispanic. But you have all of these civil rights activist that only associates it with the black community. They are the ones that is the blame for it being viewed negativly towards black people. By the way don't think I'm sone uneducated black guy. I am a 27 year college graduate with a bachelors degree in Information Technology and I also served 4 years in the Air Force.

Posted by: Germaine Lloyd at October 31, 2007 01:58 PM