October 18, 2007

The nutroots in action

Zombie is awesome at chronicling the moonbats in action. Be sure to check out his "Beach Impeach IV" and "Code Pink vs. The Marines." Here's a brief sample, taken only as a small part of a couple of the many pics (this, from the latter link):

The Hube-inserted arrow is indicating, if you can't tell, that the Code Pink ladies must not be very good with numbers. I mean, what the heck kind of number is 1,001,9713,78?? To be fair, maybe the sign(?) got sort of bent and the number actually indicates a number of Iraqi and American dead (separately), and the full numbers just can't be seen. But if so, why is the word "DEAD" seemingly seamless?

Then there are the 9-11 Truthers from the former link. Wonder if local DE moonbat Liz Allen was among those in attendance?

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I think that was supposed to be

Iraq: 1,001,971
USA: 3,78[0]

And they're just too close together to seem seperate.

Posted by: Mat Marshall at October 22, 2007 12:38 PM

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