October 11, 2007

Place your bets

The "hate crime" at Columbia University where someone placed a noose on a [black] professor's office door ... will turn out to be a hoax.

Why? The university stonewalled on turning over surveillance tapes. If you were dead-set on discovering who the hate-filled creeps who hung the noose were, why on earth would you cause delays?? Doesn't pass the smell test.

Place your bets now. My current money is on what this commenter says:

This’ll turn into a “teaching moment”, where the teacher explains she did this to address the on-going issues of racism and biogtry in the nation, that her actions were justified as a means to this end, and that she should not - in any way - be held culpable for what is clearly designed as a stunt.

There is NO reason the school would not want the tapes released if there was a real perpetrator. NONE WHATSOEVER.

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I said the same thing--even before the University refused to turn over the tapes. It was just a tad too convenient.

Posted by: miriam at October 11, 2007 11:15 PM