October 11, 2007

San Francisco judge STOPS law enforcement

What a surprise. Where else but in San Francisco will a judge BLOCK enforcement of federal immigration law? In cases where localities attempt to thwart illegal immigration, lawyers descend upon the place and their argument is always "Immigration is a federal matter." Now that the feds are DOING something, this nut of a "judge" says NO:

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer issued an order saying the agencies could not go forward with plans announced in August to send letters warning employers they face stiff penalties including fines of up to $10,000 if they hire workers whose Social Security numbers do not match their names.

Judge Breyer, appointed by President Clinton in 1997, said the new work-site rules likely would impose hardships on businesses and their workers, adding that the plaintiffs had "demonstrated they will be irreparably harmed" if the rules are enforced.

If the judiciary is supposed to interpret laws, how can it actually claim "irreparable harm" about a crystal clear law that is perfect common sense? The law is clear on the matter -- that recent [federal] rule changes require employers to verify work documents. But, the plaintiffs include the ACLU, AFL-CIO and numerous other labor and "immigrant activist" groups, so naturally San Francisco is the ideal place to get a ruling in your favor! Especially if the younger brother of one of the US Supreme Court's premier liberals, Stephen Breyer, is the judge!

Hector Figueroa, secretary-treasurer of Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, called the ruling "a victory that will halt unnecessary discrimination against workers and turmoil in our economy."

"Unnecessary discrimination," huh? You just gotta love how terms get twisted beyond all recognition of what they actually mean. Next, we'll be saying that police "discriminate" against shoplifters because the suspects are "victims of Wall Street" -- they're inundated with commercials about nice clothing and other products. Here's a clue, Hector: What you call "discrimination" is, to the vast majority of CLEAR-THINKING people, actually ENFORCING A COMMON SENSE LAW. It's quite a simple thing to overcome, too. Enter the country LEGALLY, get a green card, and you can work legally. Then, the "discrimination" will cease! Get it?

Hazleton, PA, is a perfect example of the aforementioned locality getting fed up with the lack of federal effort at immigration enforcement. They're back in the news today because noted pollster, John Zogby, moved beyond his objective polling to outright advocacy:

One of the nation's leading political pollsters issued a scathing personal attack on Hazleton's "prejudiced and oppressive" attempts to drive out illegal immigrants, saying local leaders have created a climate of fear that is endangering the city's economic health.

John Zogby, president of Zogby International, said in a report released yesterday that "fear reigns supreme" in a community that once embraced diversity.

Writing in a "special executive summary," Zogby, whose mother was raised in the Hazleton area, said "a massive community effort needs to be made to root out the disease of racism" and urged residents to "challenge the mayor on every front."

Just wait for that tact to be implemented next out in San Fran -- the invocation of "racism." It's the logical (if it can be called that) argumentative process of the Left when they attempt to debate common sense.

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