October 09, 2007

Remember the furor over Bill O'Reilly?

Check out this IN-context note from the hardcopy version of NEA Today, the monthly teacher's magazine:

Findings in a recent Pew Survey show that support for gay educators is on the rise. Only 28 percent of people think a school board should fire educators based on their sexual orientation.

"I believe that the national conversation that is happening regarding sexual oritentation, gender identity, and gender self-expression has made a huge difference," says Mary Paradise, co-chair of the NEA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus. "When more and more people stand up to support their sons and daughters, their neighbors and friends, their home decorators and hairdressers, their teachers and health care providers, it makes a difference."

O ho! How's THAT for stereotyping?! Gotta add those home decorators and hairdressers, huh? What about clothing designers, for goodness sake??

Heh. Just imagine if Bill O'Reilly said the above.

In an unrelated NEA Today tidbit, check out the ominous headline in the "Notepad" section: Numbers of Black Students Dip in New Orleans. Just make sure you read the small article, though -- the number "dipped" a whole four percent, from 93% (pre-Katrina) to 89% (post-Katrina).

Wow. What "news"!

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