September 27, 2007

Excellent graphic on why socialism is a failure ...

... and how its adherents keep trying (courtesy Dr. Sanity):

Meanwhile, the Angry Left hate mail continues to roll in via the Newsbusters tip line:

Are you serious or messing with us? Didn't fox patent the "make a provacative statement agaisnt the democrats/liberals and put a question mark to NOt make it a truth but a question?"

You facscists are funny. Bill O'Reilly should have been pulled long ago.
Like rush and hannity for lying to the eldery for profit. for lying our
country into war. I got a question for you fascists. If a
journalist/newsman has zero credibility, are they still a journalist? Or do
they cross over to propoganda? Another question would be, If you choose a
party or money over country and you sell out your country for the benifet
of one party, are you then a traitor to you nation? Benidict arnold was.
When did treason change? You people are a joke. The gop is about to be
eliminated from politics for 30 years. Goo d luck toiling in obstrurity,
you fascists.

I got an analogy for you regarding O'RIElly. But you propogandist it won't
make a bit of differance. you people don't care abou tthsi great nation
that I served as an 11B. You only care abou tyourselves and money. you sell
the country out in the proess. For all intensive purposes O'Reilly is done.
He has been marginalized. He is a fscist and a racist and now veryone see;s
it. No amount of spin will change that. You propoganda attempts only work
on your 15% of dittoheads you people like to lie to. Independants now know
you for what you are. God Will be yoru judge, not me. You people have the
blood of my brothers and sisters on your hands. And you propogate for
profit. Horrendous.

In addition, the NB tip line also serves as a vent for [severely grammatically handicapped] "middle class suckers":

this goverment has proven to me it dosent work and never will 200 years ago it did. dont call me four jury duty ore to vote agine.i have lost all faith in my so called goverment. yours truely a middel class sucker
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