September 26, 2007

Yeah, let's keep on inviting brutal dictators ...

... so cretins like the News Journal editorial board can act all self-important:

In a democracy, even a despot is worth granting a hearing.

Unfortunately, some state representatives and Jewish organizations failed to realize this as they criticized Columbia University's invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at the World Leaders Forum on Monday.

If this wasn't so laughable, it'd be incredibly sad. Did the News Journal do up an editorial on "granting the hearing" (and its importance to democracy) to Minuteman Jim Gilchrist? A search of their archives proves not. Did they do up an editorial criticizing the University of California for rescinding an invitation to former Harvard President Larry Summers because he had the audacity to suggest inherent gender differences might actually exist in people that account for interests in different fields of endeavor? Another archives search comes up empty.

So let's see -- the News Journal criticizes people and groups that criticize Columbia University for even inviting Iran's leader to speak in the first place ... a guy who has outright denied the Holocaust happened and advocated genocide against an entire group of people (Israeli Jews). They claim such invitations will "expose [the] fraudulent basis" of his ideas. If that's the case, why not invite any and all crackpots with some nutty idea? Why not invite a Flat Earther to explain why he believes the planet is indeed as thin as a pancake?

Isn't it a university's job to provide a REAL education to its students? Ahmadinejad's assertion about the Holocaust -- an event that is a clear, precise and historically accurate FACT -- is NOT like debating legitimate social issues like Larry Summers was, or legitimate political ones like Jim Gilchrist.

First State Politics has more.

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The WNJ endorses the propoganda tour of one of America's enemies? I'm sure we're all shocked.

Since they're all about having everyone and anyone be heard, maybe Delaware's conservative bloggers should regularly submit "Delaware Voice" columns to the News Journal. Of course, the fact that, unlike Ahmadinejad, local bloggers aren't directing the killing of American soldiers in Iraq probably makes it less likely their submissions would ever see print.

Posted by: McRingtail at September 27, 2007 04:22 PM