September 21, 2007

Watcher's Council results

And now...  the winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are Is War With Iran Now Just a Matter of Time? by Right Wing Nut House, and Dead Eyes by Acute Politics.  There was actually a tie in the non-council category this week...  there were two very good posts about Iraq but Teflon Don's post about the weariness of war ultimately won the Watcher over.  Here are the full tallies of all votes cast:

VotesCouncil link
2  2/3Is War With Iran Now Just a Matter of Time?
Right Wing Nut House
2  1/3Freedom, But From What?
Bookworm Room
2"Surge a Failure, Democrats Tell General"
Big Lizards
1California Legislature Intent On Violating California Constitution
Rhymes With Right
1LA Times: "No Blood For Oil" Lackey
Cheat Seeking Missiles
The Education Wonks
2/3Detering the Deterrers
Soccer Dad
2/3America Must Be Defeated!
1/3I'd Like To Buy Into It, But Then I Read On...
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3Why? What? When?
The Glittering Eye

VotesNon-council link
3  2/3Dead Eyes
Acute Politics
2  2/3Iraq the Model
Hugh Hewitt
1  2/3Taking Away Rights and Calling It a "Right"
Classical Values
1"al Qaidastan" Rising
2/3"Conservatives" and the Lacrosse Case
The Volokh Conspiracy
2/3Chomsky Recollects
Oliver Kamm
2/3Looking to Madison
The QandO Blog
2/3In Context
In Context
2/3Hillary Missed "Mister Soldier" Moment
The Anchoress
1/3Book Review: Culturism
1/3Chemerinsky and Drake To Do Beer Commercials?
Captain's Quarters

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