September 20, 2007

Poor Dan Rather

He's on Larry King at this very moment still insisting that his story about George Bush's military record is "accurate" and that no one yet has proven that the documents used were fake or forgeries. Yeah, OK.

Time for some lithium, Dan. Here's why especially (my emphasis):

In the suit, Rather alleges that he was forced to apologize for the Bush story as part of a conspiracy by top CBS management to ensure that no further damaging revelations about the president's time in the Texas Air National Guard would become public. Rather also alleges that CBS hired a private investigator to re-report the original story -- after Rather threatened to hire his own private eye to do the same thing -- and that the investigator found the story to be accurate, only to have his findings suppressed by CBS as part of an effort to curry favor with the Bush White House. Finally, Rather alleges that CBS fired him over the story the day after Bush was reelected, despite his later claims that his departure was separate from the Bush story. . . .

Rather says the cover-up was part of CBS's "plan to pacify the White House" and to "appease angry government officials" by offering up Rather as the "scapegoat for CBS management's bungling of the entire episode."

The notion that CBS -- CBS!! -- would make sure "nothing damaging" would come out about George W. Bush, and would "curry favor" with a GOP-controlled White House is about as believable as Louis Farrakhan donning a yarmulke and attending a bar mitzvah.

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