September 17, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Don McHugh of Felton has a, er, rather "unique" idea about how to handle illegal immigration (my emphasis):

The immigration situation has to be re-examained from a new set of perspectives and prerogatives. Borders, boundaries and regional lines are essentially European concepts.

The people living in the western hemisphere, prior to the landing of European explorers, had no or few needs for territorial identifiers. The land was as vast and open as the oceans and the sky to the sparse human population of more than 500 years ago.

On a regular basis the news media touts the flow of people into the United States, most dramatically across the southern border with Mexico.

Most or possibly all of the people coming north from Mexico, Central America and South America are of European ancestry. The inequity and injustice, in nation's south of the American border, are the results of ruling (generally minority) populations of people with lineages outside the Americas.

The majority of people oppressed are pre-European descendants. An effort should be made, from the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn, to identify, by DNA, all persons who have blood ties to the original Americans.

Once these persons are classified they then should be recognized as citizens of the Americas and given the rights of travel, employment, education, etc., in every nation of North, Central and South America.

Obviously there would be a tremendous population shift to Canada and the U.S., but these people could be absorbed by the fabric of these nations if adjustments were made to immigrant populations from the rest of the world.

As fortunes would shift, an All-Americas Union of a United States of the Americas could be established to assist in world market participation.

Sure! Everyone in line for their DNA test!

Yeesh. Hey Don -- after some 500 years of racial mixing, who exactly would "qualify" as having "blood ties" with original Americans? And why not take the concept even further? Since the original Americans actually came from Asia, why not give any Asians the right to immigrate to the Americas if they so desire?

Don seems to have that typical misconception that before the Europeans came, the Americas were some sort of an idyllic paradise. In some cases, this may have been close to accurate. But just don't tell that to the victims of the Aztecs. Or those of the Maya and other tribes. Don's "plan" is absurd on its face and belongs in one realm only: That of mildly interesting alternate history or science fiction.

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I saw this letter and thought, "Hube's gonna have a field day." I love being right!

Posted by: Paul Smith at September 17, 2007 06:32 PM

Does this guy want to ship all the Blacks back to Africa too? You know, to make up for those darn Europeans having brought them here against their will? No, Dana, I'm not advocating that, but you'll probably accuse me of it anyway.

I can't remember the name of the sci-fi book I read back when, but the gist was that the American and Canadian Indians took all their casino money and turned their reservations into high tech enclaves and pwned everyone else business wise. I think they had won a big reparations lawsuit against the US Govt too. Hube?

Posted by: G Rex at September 18, 2007 05:09 PM