September 16, 2007

Ivy League academic "rigor"

Isn't Harvard lucky:

A husband-and-wife team of social scientists who left Harvard University three years ago after one was denied tenure is returning to the university's Department of African and African American Studies, officials said yesterday.

Marcyliena Morgan and Lawrence Bobo left for Stanford University in 2003 after Morgan was denied tenure under former president Lawrence H. Summers.

Summers, who is in the news again recently because he was dropped as a speaker at a University of California Board of Regents event -- mainly because of "controversial" comments he made about innate ability differences between men and women (which also helped get him ousted as Harvard pres.) -- also had an academic scuffle with African-American Studies prof. Cornel West a few years back. Summers had the gall to ask West to get a bit more serious about his scholarship and help to fight grade inflation. West got all indignant, as did many others. Summers was, of course, lambasted by the PC Left for this horrific act. Nevertheless, it may help explain why he declined to give tenure to Marcyliena Morgan:

Morgan is a linguistic anthropologist and authority on global hip-hop culture who will concentrate on hip-hip's role in AIDS prevention, [Department of African and African American Studies Chair Evelyn] Higginbotham said.
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Since when does hip hop music help prevent AIDS??? What's next? NC State to offer a course on how tobacco helps prevent cancer?

Posted by: G Rex at September 17, 2007 12:30 PM