September 15, 2007

Psych prof needs a shrink

An offensive cartoon published in a student newspaper at Central Connecticut State University has caused a "stir." Gee, what else is new. You know, free speech is all important -- unless said speech is directed at a "protected group." In this case, it is Hispanics:

The three-frame comic, titled “Polydongs,” features two characters who mention locking a “14-year-old Latino girl” in a closet and urinating on her. It was published in Wednesday’s issue of The Recorder, a weekly newspaper distributed free on campus.

The university’s president vowed on Friday to cut off advertising in the paper, and its critics have planned a protest on Monday on campus to push for reforms, including the ouster of the paper’s editor, Mark Rowan.

Offensive? Sure. Totally poor taste? Check. Free speech? Wellll ...

Of course, the sensitivity/multicultural/PC police are besides themselves, panicking about that "hostile environment" etc. The money quote in this story comes from psychology professor and president of the university’s Latin American Association Francisco Donis:

“We believe the climate here at Central is one that fosters this kind of behavior ... so we want more systematic changes to create a welcoming environment for everyone to feel safe and secure.”

The thought that a college campus "fosters" such behavior is so totally laughable as to be tossed in the landfill. Donis is merely a multiculti opportunist, jumping at the chance to make his university even more PC.

But, on second thought, maybe Donis is right. Maybe the climate at Central does foster the sort of behavior that leads to the offensive cartoon. Maybe politically correct yahoos like Donis are so numerous and so vocal that the student newspaper had simply had enough of their nonsense ... and they just wanted to make a point about free expression. You know, real life as opposed to the ivory tower.

UPDATE: Jay Bergman, a prof at CCSU, sheds more on the university.

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Hey Nancy Willing! Maybe my "racist roots" are showing here, too -- this time against Latinos? Quick! Tell my in-laws in Costa Rica! I've been pulling the wool over their eyes for over 20 years!!

Posted by: Hube at September 15, 2007 03:30 PM