September 05, 2007

Live Earth a stinker, so BBC cancels global warming show

Noel Sheppard over at Newsbusters notes that the BBC is ditching a planned special on global warming in part because Al Gore's "Live Earth" concerts proved to be such a bust:

The BBC announced today that the project has been scrapped. Negative reaction to this summer's flop Live Earth concert, promoted by Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, was cited as a factor. Viewers told the BBC to present the debate around climate change in an informed and rigorous manner. They did not want to be lectured by wealthy pop stars and celebrities.

'Ya think? But hey, maybe Gore can coddle together this "all-star" line-up for another pathetic attempt at do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do elitist hypocrisy:

  • A-Ha reunites to perform the "carbon offset" favorite "Take On Me (And My Carbon Footprint)."
  • Asia likewise regroups to perform a retooled "Heat of the Moment" now called "Heat of the Last Century."
  • Big Country sings "In A Big Country (Too Much Damn CO2 is Emitted)."
  • The Cars reform to sing "Drive -- A Hybrid, That Is."
  • Thomas Dolby breaks out those synths to do "She Blinded Me With Greenhouse Gasses."
  • The Go Go's do "Our Lips Are Sealed," a great tribute to lesser CO2 emissions. After all, no exhalation, no carbon dioxide!
  • Gary Numan revives his hit "Cars" but will offer a huge heartfelt apology for ever writing the damn thing in the first place!
  • The Pet Shop Boys will perform on a stage mock-up of a heat-devastated Earth and sing "What've I -- What've I -- What've I Done to Deserve This?"
  • What do you do when global warming skeptics try to speak? Get the Thompson Twins to sing "Lies, Lies, Lies, yeah-ah!"
  • and, last but not least that very first MTV video band Buggles retools to perform "Hydrogen Killed the Petroleum Star."

Have fun, Al!

Posted by Hube at September 5, 2007 09:20 PM | TrackBack

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U2 can perform One...sheet of toilet paper per restroom visit.

Posted by: G Rex at September 6, 2007 03:16 PM

LOL! Great stuff, Hube!

Is it just me, or is the tide of public opinion slowly, subtly, almost glacially (sorry, couldn't resist) starting to turn against Gore and his flock of barking zealots?

Posted by: Mark Engblom at September 6, 2007 03:46 PM