September 04, 2007

Delaware tinfoil hat-wearing nutjob comes right out and says it

It's been pretty well established by now that Jason at DE Liberal is indeed a semi-thinking partisan automaton, but now we have written proof that he believes that the United States "took over" Saddam Hussein's role as the prime world terrorist, and that of the Iraqi people:

Here's Jason's original post:

The famous quote:

"We are more secure today than we were two years ago. The Taliban no longer rules Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein is no longer terrorizing the world or his own people." - Michael Castle September 7, 2004

Jason's reply to my [italicized] query:

Regardless of the nature of the war now, how is that an inaccurate statement?

1) Even at the time we were not more secure.

2) The Taliban no longer ruled but had not been rolled up.

3) Saddam Hussein no longer terrorized the world or his own people. We had taken over that role.

Get it? WE have "taken over" the role of main terrorist of the world ... and of the Iraqi people, according Jason.

There's the moonbat profile for you in a nutshell.

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I guess you are saying that we have not taken the role of terrorizing the Iraqi people.

Maybe you'd like to elaborate on how we are not filling that role?

Posted by: jason330 at September 4, 2007 11:13 PM

Jason, you're the one equating the United States's efforts in Iraq with a criminal regime that, among other things, gassed its own citizens. The burden is on you to explain your libel.

Posted by: Jake M. at September 5, 2007 01:49 PM

He's a twit, all right.

Posted by: miriam at September 5, 2007 11:09 PM