September 03, 2007

Here's an idea -- let's change the Constitution!

No, not our own, but Venezuela's:

President Hugo Chavez said Sunday he could continue governing until 2027 if voters do away with re-election limits because he needs more time in office to establish a socialist economic model in Venezuela.

He has previously said he could stay on as president until 2021 if his proposed constitutional reforms -- which among other changes would eliminate presidential term limits, letting him run as many more times as he wants -- are approved.

My emphasis. The first thing that comes to mind is, "Can you imagine if George Bush proposed something like this?" Especially in the wake of 9/11? In a nutshell, the Left would be apoplectic.

Some argue that Chávez is actually more democratic than Bush (or the US in general) because he is allowing for direct popular input (change) in the government/constitution. Hmmm, wasn't there a reason why the Founding Fathers shunned such an idea? A republic vs. a [direct] democracy. Rule of law vs. mob rule. Again, just imagine if George Bush, with a GOP majority in both houses of Congress and a majority of the public on his side in the wake of 9/11, had proposed changes similar to those of Chávez. How easy would it have been to get them implemented via such a "direct democracy"?

And envision George Bush saying this shortly after 9/11 and the beginning of the War on Terror:

"I need more time in the presidency to finish this. We are only beginning. Maybe until 2020 or 2027. I'd be old if I'm still alive."

Then, envision the public voting directly to rescind the 22nd Amendment (probably a bad analogy since a direct democracy wouldn't allow for a 22nd Amendment -- or the process to put it there -- in the first place, but you take my meaning) and then the GOP establishing "communal councils" throughout the country to "implement" George Bush's action plan(s).

Sounds scary, eh?

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