September 02, 2007

Can someone explain to me ...

... especially perhaps Mike Mahaffie and/or Fritz Schranck ... exactly how one can go from playing absolutely DISMAL golf for two weeks in a row, then turn around the third week and play one of the most stellar rounds of one's life?

Case in point: Three weeks ago I had an opportunity to play The Peninsula, a spectacular new private course between Lewes and Rehoboth. There is some sort of water on virtually every hole there, and the rough is akin to that of a US Open course (meaning it's thick as hell). Still, there is no excuse for putting up the number that I did: a 113!! Actually, there's a small excuse. My friend Roger and I weren't expecting to play that day, so we (and our wives) imbibed a bit too much the night before. We weren't exactly in the best physical prowess that morning if you know what I mean. Still, a 113!! I hadn't carded such a number since junior high school. The next week, my old college roommate Gregg and I hit Loch Nairn right outside of Kennett Square, PA. Loch Nairn is considerably easier than Peninsula, but even so, my swing was still as ridiculously unreliable as it was the week before. Final score: 101!

Forward to this past Friday: Three buddies and I hit the very nice Back Creek course in Middletown, DE. Back Creek is not an easy course (though easier than Peninsula) and I've put up some rather big numbers there in the past. Not this time. From out of nowhere my swing reappeared -- drives were fairly straight and long, iron shots true, and best of all I putted like a demon. Final score: 85!

What's the deal?

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Well, it has to do with the physical properties of the ramalinguinal ergotisticalifragulous membranophonium. You see, in the latter parts of summer, when the moon is in the Severn river, the diurnal rhythms of the hatch-cha-cha....

In other words: I have no idea.

Posted by: Mike Mahaffie at September 2, 2007 07:23 PM

Can you ever explain anything in golf? The only consistent I have ever experienced is my tee shot hooking like magnetic attraction to the house along the fairway.

If you are interested, my local GOP club (MOT area) is having our annual golf tournament this month. Food, of course, is inlcuded. You would need to take a day off, though. The cost is $125/per person or $100/per person, if registered as a full foursome. If you are interested, you have my email via my post information. Feel free to contact me.

Posted by: r smitty at September 3, 2007 08:28 AM