August 28, 2007

A big entertainment "HUH??"

My buddy Brent informed me of's "20 Best" and "20 Worst" science fiction films of all time. The list was compiled by NBC-10 employees (which is Philly's NBC affiliate). The "Best" list had little to argue with; however, the "Worst" list has quite a few ridiculous choices. Let's take a look ...

#20: "Superman Returns." You mean to tell me that this long-awaited sequel is the 20th worst scifi film of all time?? It wasn't a great movie, but it certainly wasn't bad, let alone one of worst ever. Please.

#18: "Aliens Vs. Predator." OK, it's a bad movie, but 18th worst ever? As Jack Warden's henchman says in "Used Cars," "'Ya gotta be jackin' me!"

#14: "RoboCop." This is the first choice which shows NBC-10's employees are utterly clueless. "RC" is actually considered one of the best scifi flicks ever. You wanna see bad, check out its sequels, yo.

#13: "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." Though clearly inferior to the first two Ahnuld flicks, there's still absolutely no way this is #13 worst of all time. The F/X alone preclude it.

#9: "Predator." This is the biggest travesty of the entire list. Like "RoboCop," this Ahnuld actioner is one of, if not THE, best of the Austrian bodybuilder's films. Even generic TV movie guides give it three of four stars. Again, for this to be on the list, but not its sequel, shows what lamebrains NBC-10 has. I mean, many sequels are on this list, yet "Predator" makes the list ... but "Predator 2" doesn't?? "Species 2" is on this list (#12), but "Species" isn't even ON the list -- which means these heavy thinkers believe "Species" is superior to both "Predator" AND "RoboCop"!!?? Absolutely bonkers.

#7: "A.I." Not surprising that this film made this "brain trust's" list since the film requires one TO THINK. While not a great scifi offering, it is light-years from being one of the worst.

#6: "War of the Worlds (2006)." The brief commentary says this film "didn't live up to the original." I disagree, but even if I did agree, that surely doesn't make this Tom Cruise flick number 6 on the worst films list!! This original take on the classic story is WELL worth the look if not for the sound (yes, sound) effects alone. I'm serious.

Where they got it right:

#16: "Short Circuit 2." See what I mean about sequels? There are gazillions of 'em that are lame.

#10: "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace." Actually, I don't believe this qualifies as one of the 20 worst films ever, but I'm listing it anyway because George Lucas ought to be ashamed of himself for making this [long awaited] pathetic sequel to the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

#3: "Waterworld." There are worse scifi movies, but this is borderline. Way too long with a cool premise that was wasted, we get a glimpse of what'll happen if we don't listen to Al Gore. Oh, and Kevin Costner has gills.

#1: "Battlefield Earth." Soooo bad it's worth watching for the [unintentional] laughs alone. Probably the biggest "COME ON!" of the whole film: John Travolta and Forrest Whittaker come from a race of aliens who evolved on a planet where one spark of fire in its flammable atmosphere will incinerate their whole world. Yet, they use metal and combustible materials all the time. Got that?

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I have to say that a few months ago I watched A New Hope. I don't think it held up well at all.

Posted by: soccer dad at August 29, 2007 12:41 PM

I can never understand why they always leave A Boy and His Dog off these worst sci-fi lists. Post apocalyptic Don Johnson? Superintelligent talking dog? Subterranean Stepford wives? Can't beat it.

Posted by: G Rex at August 29, 2007 05:18 PM

predator was awesome, who are these people ?

I never thought waterworld was that bad, but that was just me.

Posted by: donviti at August 30, 2007 03:18 PM