August 28, 2007

Here we go again

A guy gets a fractured skull, loses teeth, a busted nose and other injuries, and here's the official News Journal description of the man's assailants:

[State Police Cpl. Jeff] Whitmarsh said the attackers were described as being in their early 20s; three of them were dressed in cut-off pants and white, sleeveless T-shirts. The fourth was wearing jeans and a white, short-sleeved T-shirt.

What obvious -- and helpful -- descriptive facet is omitted? Doesn't the NJ realize that these criminals can easily change their friggin' clothes at a whim? Or do they think they'll just keep wearing the same outfit all the time, sort of like the characters in Charles Schulz's "Charlie Brown" comics? (That'd be "Peanuts," actually.)

A commenter at the NJ article states that he heard on WDEL that the attackers were white. So? As a white male myself I am OFFENDED that the News Journal DID NOT report the race of these attackers. I detest political correctness in ANY form.

In a word, "Sheesh."

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"Sheesh" is far too polite, Hube. This is bullshit. I think it's bullshit to list descriptions at all -- I'd love to know the last time the police found it helpful for someone to call up and say, "Hello, officer? I just saw a man in cut-offs and a wifebeater, I think it's your suspect." But, as you have so ably pointed out, it's complete, utter bullshit to ignore the one characteristic that stays with them.

`The only field where political correctness has run further amok is academia. Both illustrate that if you bend over backwards far enough, your head winds up in your ass.

Posted by: Al Mascitti at August 29, 2007 06:05 PM

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