July 30, 2007

Why is this woman being investigated??

FBI joins investigation of mom accused in death of fetus is a headline in today's News Journal. And get this: The fetus is her own:

Investigators resumed their search this morning at the home of a mother charged with killing her unborn child, Ocean City police said.

Christy Freeman, 37, lived in the apartment with her boyfriend and her four other children.

Freeman was hospitalized Thursday and police were called after medical personnel determined she had been pregnant, but the child was missing. Police said they obtained a search warrant for Freemanís home after interviewing her, and a small infant was found wrapped in a blanket in the apartment.

Freeman was later charged with first degree murder, second degree murder and manslaughter after investigators conferred with Worcester County Stateís Attorney Joel Todd.

My emphasis. Now, how can this be? Are we not constantly told by pro-choicers that it "isn't a baby" it's a "fetus" (or the more disingenuous after a couple months of term "mass of cells")? Even the Journal couldn't decide using "fetus" in the headline then reverting to "child" and "infant" in the narrative. But two counts of murder?? Manslaughter?? Are these not reserved for actual human beings, not fetuses or "masses of cells"? And the important factor is that the child/fetus/mass of cells was her own.

Someone explain the difference to me between what she allegedly did, and going to an abortion clinic. The distinction is as ridiculous as that made by pro-choicers regarding partial-birth abortion.

UPDATE: An update to this story notes a couple important items. First, there were several dead fetuses in the woman's home, only one of which was recent. Second, Freeman was charged under a (local?) law "allowing charges for the death of a fetus that can live outside the womb." A wonder that this law hasn't yet been challenged by NOW, etc.

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