June 25, 2007

Sign the petition: Help Perry get his own blog

Perpetual commenter/nouveau troll Perry (at left) needs his own blog. Now.

Why? Because Perry believes that people's blogs are his personal bulletin boards. He believes that just because [most] blogs allow comments that he is free to post whatever he wishes. He believes that people who do not accept his viewpoint and opinions are "ignorant" and "extremist." When an obvious argumentative impasse is reached on a particular topic, Perry just keeps going ... like the Energizer Bunny. He really needs to brush up on the definition of "troll."

But we at Colossus really want to help Perry. We want him to get an outlet for his oh-so self-righteous spewings. You can help the ... man ... by signing the petition. What petition? Oh, er, there isn't a formal petition to sign, so we've set up a "ghetto petition": Just write "YES!" in our very own comment section on this post!

And here's a few links to get Perry started: Blogger and WordPress.

Posted by Hube at June 25, 2007 10:00 PM | TrackBack

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 25, 2007 10:03 AM

Perry's comments are totally devoid of facts to back up his assertions or he just gets his facts wrong.

I have to vote no. Having his own blog will not stop him from polluting everyone else's. No one will read his blog and he will return here again and again to get the attention he so desperately seeks.

Posted by: orestes at June 25, 2007 10:39 AM

YES - So I take this post to mean that we should not feed the troll on your site, right?

Posted by: AnonymousOpinion at June 25, 2007 11:24 AM

You got it, Miss AO!

Posted by: Hube at June 25, 2007 11:32 AM

Who the hell is Perry?

Posted by: Joe M at June 25, 2007 11:44 AM

I'm not surprised you don't know him, Joe. He's a nemesis of conservative-leaning (DE) blogs.

Posted by: Hube at June 25, 2007 12:25 PM


Posted by: Maria Evans at June 25, 2007 01:20 PM


That's the photo in Websters by the word " nerd"

Posted by: Fred Gregory at June 25, 2007 01:25 PM

I don't know if he'd be better off with his own blog, but maybe we could take up a collection to get him out of his parents' basement. Maybe he can get WiFi IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

Posted by: G Rex at June 25, 2007 05:51 PM

yes-picture looks like a guy from college-Schle...

Posted by: cardinals fan at June 25, 2007 09:25 PM

Oh, hell yes. Then we can all comment the crap out of him.

Based on that pic, any co-inky-dink that his email is phood (pronounced food)? OK, that was mean. Maybe his blog can be called, "Phood for Thoughtless"

Posted by: MOT Smitty at June 26, 2007 01:55 AM

That's a pretty good picture of me on one of the rare occasions when I am feeling pleased with the direction our current leaders, whom you folks have blindly supported, have taken our beloved country.

I have since had the missing tooth replaced, and am more careful about hair care!

Now go read the WaPo series on dictator Cheney currently on line that has reinforced my unhappy face. Hube, do you have a picture of that?

Posted by: Perry Hood at June 26, 2007 09:50 AM

No, I don't Perry. I'd love to see it.

BTW, you'll notice that those links you posted no longer appear here. That's b/c you ignored the "and anything not directly related to the topic of discussion" clause noted at the top.

Did you think I was kidding when I warned you about this earlier?

Posted by: Hube at June 26, 2007 02:48 PM

"anything not directly related to the topic of discussion."

Hube, does that include Bong Hits 4 Mohammed?

Posted by: G Rex at June 26, 2007 03:12 PM

LOL, Rex! I actually am working on a post about that case ...

Posted by: Hube at June 26, 2007 03:16 PM

YES in support of Perry. A really nice guy I should mention. Did he really spoiled his apperance by replacing a tooth and hair cut?
Any photos? Return the dream to children! Let us have our troll as he was!

Posted by: Adin at June 29, 2007 04:46 AM

I'm all in favor if it will stop his photo being posted again.
Maybe we could take it in turns to pretend we visit him so he will stay at his blog sharing his 'insights' to the world.
Mr Bagel

Posted by: Mr Bagel at October 29, 2007 02:50 AM