June 20, 2007

Money makes him a "father"

Pitiful yarn in nearby Philly where an absentee "father" has suddenly decided to get back involved in his son's life -- even though the son died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. How's that work, you ask? Well, the son's estate is due to collect some $2.9 million, and "dad" wants half.

Good thing I haven't eaten breakfast yet, else it'd be all over my keyboard about now.

I yearn for the day when the law recognizes that there's a LOT more to the word "parent" than mere biology. This case hasn't been decided yet, but I'm betting that "dad" will get something, probably a lot more than he deserves -- meaning that would be anything over $1. However, courts have ruled twice against absentee "fathers" in other 9/11 compensation cases. My pessimism comes from reading about too many similar cases, as well as custody battles where only biology is considered, and not actual parenting.

The mother, Elsie Goss-Caldwell, did an incredible job actually being a parent to her three children, all of whom went on to very successful careers. Her son Kenneth, the 9/11 victim, graduated from Hofstra University and became a technology representative for the Philadelphia-based Alliance Consulting company. She deserves all of her son's estate from 9/11 Victims Recovery Fund.

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