June 14, 2007

Why defect? There's all sorts of freedom in Cuba!

What's the deal? Two Cuban soccer players apparently defected to the U.S., taking advantage of the Gold Cup tournament being played here in the States (which, if you dig soccer, you can see on Univision almost every night, currently. No knowledge of Spanish necessary!).

Forward Lester More went missing at the team's last stop in East Rutherford, N.J., and midfielder Osvaldo Alonso did not return from a group shopping trip in Houston. Their whereabouts were unknown late Wednesday night.

"We know what you know," said a Cuba team trainer, who declined to give his name. "We don't know anything more. These two players left. They did not come back."

I just don't get it. I mean, why defect from Cuba? Don't these guys know what they're leaving? Just ask filmmaker Michael Moore:

Michael Moore: "They (Cuba) have an excellent health care system, probably the best in the Third World. There is not religious persecution. There's artistic freedom. I went–"

[ABC's] Terry Moran: "There's artistic freedom in Cuba?"

Moore: "Oh, yeah. I hung out with artists who are critical of Castro and, and, and very freely speak their minds."

Maybe Moore can next make a movie about the "immorality" of leaving one's country. After all, that's what the Cuban soccer coach says. ("It's morally wrong to leave your country," he said.) Even more so given all that "freedom" the omnipotent Castro has given the people, right coach? (And Mike?)

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