May 31, 2007

Those "more democratic" countries crack down on free press

The head honchos of Ecuador and Bolivia are following their pal Hugo Chávez's lead and cracking down on opposition press in their countries:

The leaders of Bolivia and Ecuador are moving with Cuban encouragement and in concert with their mentor, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to restrict press freedom in their countries.

Bolivian President Evo Morales and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa both announced steps to crack down on independent broadcasters within days of Mr. Chavez's closure on Sunday of Venezuela's main independent television station, RCTV.

Speaking before an international gathering of leftist intellectuals in Cochabamba last week, Mr. Morales proposed creating a tribunal to oversee the operations of privately owned press and broadcast outlets. Mr. Correa announced over the weekend that he would order a review of the broadcasting licenses of opposition news channels in his country.

How can this be? I thought Chávez et. al. formed "true" democratic governments! And it's not only opposition media -- President Correa

... has ousted 51 opposition deputies from his nation's Congress and Mr. Morales this week ordered the arrests of four high court judges after they issued rulings that challenged his government.

Appearing alongside Cuba's minister of culture, Abel Prieto, [Bolivia's] Mr. Morales suggested "drawing on the experience of our friends in Venezuela and Cuba" to establish closer controls over the press.

Mr. Prieto suggested that some owners of the independent press should receive long prison sentences. "I wish that we could imprison the owner of a media outlet. With much pleasure we would give him a life sentence for lying, for confusing the people," Mr. Prieto said.

What's the deal? Is he following the lead of that TRUE dictator, George Bush? After all, we've seen how Bush has expelled over 50 Democratic members of Congress and has had four federal judges arrested, right? What's that? That didn't happen? Oh ...

And 'ya hear that? LONG prison sentences for opposition media. The next time you hear some radical lefty sing the praises of these socialist "paradises," just remember this little factoid. Among many others.

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