May 28, 2007

Today's a holiday because ...

Posted by Hube at May 28, 2007 11:59 PM | TrackBack

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so many people die for nothing!!

Posted by: solemio at May 28, 2007 09:37 AM

Can you be specific, solemio? Are you talking about Iraq? Or in general?

Posted by: Hube at May 28, 2007 09:50 AM

Hey, Solemio. Could you possibly consider honoring those who volunteered to serve for just this one day and leave your politcs aside?
You see, wether you agree with them or not , they believed in their cause enough to risk death and even you should be able to respect that.

Posted by: jef at May 28, 2007 12:30 PM

jef, Solemio's statement was that of a pacifist, as I read it, and not a statement against those who perceive themselves as having served their country with honor.

It is a real shame on us that we have yet to find more non-violent means to settle disputes. When I say "us", I mean the global "us", not just the American "us".

Therefore, as Solemio stated: "so many people die for nothing!!"

I agree!!!

Posted by: Perry at May 29, 2007 09:06 AM

Gee, Perry, you seem to have a magical comment veiwing device that allows you to see more of Solemio's writing than I can.
He didn't say anything about pacifism in his post. Even if he did, my comment stands.
Why can't you see the dignity of men and women willing to risk life and limb for a cause they believe in.

Posted by: jef at June 1, 2007 09:59 PM

Because, jef, don't you get it? Perry "knows" what people mean, even if they don't say it. Currently, he "knows" that Jimmy Carter was dead-right about Israel in his new book blasting the Jewish state, even though he hasn't read it, and despite the fact that his own knowledge of that region's history is a pathetic sham.

Posted by: Hube at June 2, 2007 07:27 AM