May 28, 2007

First golf game of 2007

It's quite unusual for me to have played my first golf game of the season so late; however, considering how badly I injured my wrist in a soccer game approx. eight weeks ago, well, that's a good reason!! A group of eight of us played at the very nice Chesapeake Bay Golf Club (North East). We split up into duos, playing a two-man scramble format. This means that each duo plays the better of each other's shots all the way 'till the ball's in the cup. I didn't expect much as my first outing each year usually isn't that good. But, the scramble format helped alleviate some pressure! My pal Jay, with whom I was teamed, is about a 25 handicap; I'm about a 17. We ended up a mere three over-par, beating the closest next team by seven strokes! It was very unusual -- if I hit a lousy shot, Jay hit a great one, and vice versa. The times where each of us hit a pathetic shot were few and far between.

The wrist hurt on each and every shot (except putts), the degree of pain waffling between a dull ache to a moderate nuisance. I just ignored it, swung normally, and hit the ball pretty well. We ended up mostly taking Jay's drives and long iron shots, and my short iron shots and putts. I forgot my cell phone (which has a camera) in Jay's truck, so as an homage to the DE blogging/golfing Mike Mahaffie, I took a shot of my lovely St. Louis Rams helmet [driver] head cover after the round.

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