May 25, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Winsom Alvares of Wilmington offers the usual senior citizen canard that they shouldn't have to pay public school taxes like everyone else:

There are a lot of voices berating the way school districts keep having referenda to raise taxes. I add mine. Since last summer, Delawareans have seen a 60 percent electric rate hike, higher gas prices, looming New Castle County taxes. And now Red Clay School District once again wanting to siphon money from our pocketbooks.

Seniors are blamed for failing referenda. If that is so, then take us out of the equation by not levying any school taxes on us. With fixed incomes and high medical bills along with all of the above, we cannot sustain every other entity draining us of our life source.

School taxes should be used only for core classes. Costs for all extracurricular activities should be shouldered by parents on a sliding scale. There are a lot of affluent parents in the Red Clay district who can pay for their children's after-school activities. On the other hand, kids in Wilmington should not have to pay for activities as the majority of them are poor. These kids should be in extracurricular activities to keep them out of trouble and enrich their often sad lives.

As I've said before, it'd sure be nice if all us working people could vote on whether we wanted a hike in our Social Security taxes now, eh? After all, why are seniors permitted to keep receiving Social Security payments long after they've gotten back what they paid into it? That's pure welfare, ain't it? Why do seniors believe that they should get some sort of special treatment?

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