May 20, 2007

What's the deal with Charleston, South Carolina schools?

Way back in 2005 I wrote about a little-known incident in Charleston, South Carolina schools where a white female teacher was being harrassed by her [mostly] black students, and the teacher was reprimanded for "not understanding the kids' culture." Brandy Stokes taught at Brentwood Middle School, and ended up suing her district. To my amazement, Brentwood is settling another such lawsuit, (h/t to Joanne Jacobs) this time by one Elizabeth Kandrac who has the exact same complaint as Stokes:

A white teacher at a black school in Charleston, South Carolina was subjected to a “racially hostile workplace” ruled a federal court because school officials did nothing to protect her from verbal abuse by her middle school students. They argued the profanity — with “white” as the adjective” — was “part of the students’ culture,” writes columnist Kathy Parker. Elizabeth Kandrac, who was fired when she filed a complaint, settled with the district for $200,000.

Kandrac’s attorney, Larry Kobrovsky, argued that the repeated use of “white” made these slurs racists in nature. But school officials insisted that because black students were equally abusive to other blacks, the language wasn’t inherently racist.

Other white teachers and students corroborated Kandrac's account, including a male war veteran who testified he would rather return to Vietnam than to Brentwood.

What about Mrs. Stokes? What happened to her and her lawsuit? This is too eerily similar to Ms. Kandrac's suit. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps Kandrac used a pseudonym when she appeared on the O'Reilly show a year and a half ago ...?

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