May 18, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Donald "Stan" Olson of Wilmington has decided that he will vote against the Brandywine School District referendum because ... of an article in the News Journal stating that human-caused global warming is being taught as scientific fact:

Both of my boys went through Brandywine schools from kindergarten through graduation. I voted for all of the referendums over the years, and in a couple of cases was directly involved in helping to get them passed.

There are a number of questions in my mind regarding this latest referendum, but I was leaning toward voting for it until I read in The News Journal that human-caused global warming is being taught as scientific fact. But if that is the current state of science education in Delaware, I refuse to support it. The issue is not whether there is global warming. The issue is what's causing it.

Hey "Stan" -- I noticed the little qualifier "if" in your statement there. Have you bothered to check out whether Brandywine schools are teaching just this in its science classes? Have you contacted the district office to see if what the science curriculum is? Have you gone to a board meeting to ask about it? I bet the answer to all these is, in my educated estimation, a resounding "no." And here's a another bit of advice: Relying on the News Journal exclusively for "facts" isn't exactly the best idea.

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