May 16, 2007

Roselle makes the right decision

University of Delaware President David Roselle said that university students who attended a Cinco de Mayo party with outfits that had insensitive sayings on them (get link) would not face disciplinary measures:

"First Amendment protections are sometimes a little bit inconvenient for us when we want to perhaps punish someone who we think by all rights deserves to be punished," Roselle said. "But it's the law of the land, and it's a wonderful law and one we all should happily abide by. So it is what it is, and you have to deal with it."

Yep. And considering groups like FIRE and its track record, Roselle actually demonstrated that he not only knows the law, but he saved the university some cash in the process. If UD was a private university, then Roselle could most likely do as he wished with the students. Ah, but UD is public, and hence bound by the 'ol Constitution.

Ryan S. has more here and here.

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