May 12, 2007

The scourge of the multicultis

Winfield Myers shows us all the depths of the ridiculous mindset that college elites have today at the contemporary academy. He notes that 11 academics were give the task: “If you were giving the commencement address at Virginia Tech this year, what is the core of the message you would like to leave with the graduates?” Check out some of the responses:

Edward J.W. Park, who teaches Asian Pacific American Studies at Loyola Marymount, titled his address “I Hope He’s Not Korean.” Park shows no compassion for the victims, whom he barely mentions, in his narcissistic immersion into identity politics:

“[A] Latino student quietly shared his anxiety: ‘God, I hope it’s not a Latino.’ Then we heard that the first two victims had been an African-American man and a white woman. ‘I hope it isn’t a black person,’ an African-American colleague told me in the mailroom. ‘If it is, we’re going to catch hell.’ ”

And: “ ‘I hope he’s not Vietnamese’; ‘I hope he’s not Filipino.’ The list went on.”

Park, whose career rests on categorizing Americans by ethnicity, concludes his address, with no irony intended, by imploring students to “see beyond racial and ethnic labels.”

Surpassing Park’s rhetorical substitution of imagined victims for real corpses is Karla Jay’s slander of American troops in Iraq. A professor of “English and women’s and gender studies” at Pace University, Jay wrote: “So, too, can the graduating and current students of Virginia Tech, including the more than 700 members of its cadet corps, now understand how violence and terror affect the innocent. More than 200 Iraqis, also guiltless bystanders, were blown up the very same week of the murders at Virginia Tech in senseless, brutal acts of terror. … If we treat individuals or groups of people as our enemies, those people have no choice but to be our enemies. If we hate them, they will demonize us.”

Is she saying that the mentally distrubed VA Tech killer was "made an enemy of" by the VT community? He was seriously mentally ill, for cripe's sake!

Always remember: When universities speak of "diversity," it NEVER means "diversity of thought or viewpoint." NEVER.

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And what is the basis for this ridiculous statement, Hube? "Always remember: When universities speak of "diversity," it NEVER means "diversity of thought or viewpoint." NEVER."

I notice that you often, like here, pull out some anecdotal piece(s), then draw broad ideological conclusions from it, you know, like Liberal is bad, Conservative is good, you know, like black and white. Is this the mind of a rational intellect at work? I'll leave that answer to others, keeping mine to myself!

Posted by: Perry at May 12, 2007 09:13 AM

Well of COURSE I'm indulging in hyperbole, Perry. But it is a well documented fact that universities are much more concerned with superficial diversity (like skin color) than intellectual diversity. I suggest you peruse FIRE's website (link on right column). Why do universities have speech codes? Free speech "zones"? Why does survey after survey show the HUGE disparity of ideological viewpoint among professors? If universities were "so concerned" about diversity, why don't they "recruit" more conservative-minded professors, Perry?

And when did I ever say "liberal is bad, conservative is good," Perry? Is that something your tinfoil hat picked up? If I believed that, why do I consider myself a "classic liberal"?

Take your Geritol.

Posted by: Hube at May 12, 2007 09:21 AM