May 11, 2007

Watcher's Council results

And now...  the winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are Does America Elect Defeatists? by Big Lizards, and “Better a Thousand Israeli Invasions...” by Michael J. Totten.  All members, please be sure to link to both winning entries (and to the full results of the vote) in a post.  Thanks to everyone for all the great entries this week...  I'm eager to see next week's entries!  Here are the full tallies of all votes cast:

VotesCouncil link
2  1/3Does America Elect Defeatists?
Big Lizards
2"The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time"
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1  2/3Zawahiri Posts an Important New Video -- and Reveals al-Qaeda's Jihad Strategy
1  2/3The Quietest Hero
Soccer Dad
1  1/3I Know What You're Against, But What Are You For?
Bookworm Room
1Authenticity, the West, and Islam
Eternity Road
1Suffering By Comparison
Right Wing Nut House
1/3Have You Had Your Melamine Today?
The Glittering Eye
1/3The Fort Dix Six
Rhymes With Right
1/3After Iraq: Kurdish Option
Done With Mirrors

VotesNon-council link
4“Better a Thousand Israeli Invasions...”
Michael J. Totten
2  1/3Two Words
Cup of Love
1  1/3It Takes Two Sides to End a War
Winds of Change
1"Truthers" Never Sleep
Ace of Spades HQ
2/3The Gatekeepers' Gambit
Protein Wisdom
2/3Civilization Watch
The Ornery American
1/3The Result of European Unification Will Be War
The Brussels Journal
1/3I'm Fuzzy on This ‘Namecalling’ Thing
The Anchoress
1/3Security Plans
Oleh Musings
1/3No More Partisanship
Ali Eteraz
1/3Blair's Legacy Coming Home to Roost...
1/3Prostitutes and Politics
Reason Magazine

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