May 11, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Sharon Desmond Griffin of Wilmington thinks that since neither she nor her husband went to public schools, she shouldn't have to support them. Not only that, she thinks "bloated" families take "advantage" of the public school system, and those who don't own property shouldn't have a say in referenda:

Just days after the latest money grab was defeated in the Brandywine School District, these grasping parasites are trying to wear us down by sneaking in yet another referendum on the heels of the last one. When are they going to learn that "no" means "no"?

I am disgusted by the sense of entitlement of people who have too many children or own no property, yet expect the rest of us to subsidize their bloated families. It should be the law that referenda can be held no more frequently than every two years, and that only property owners can vote in them.

Neither my husband nor I attended public schools. Although we have paid heavy taxes all of our working lives, we have no children in the school system. Our parents scraped by, working hard to pay for our educations themselves, while still paying income and property taxes.

These taxes are an especially cruel burden on older folks trying to live on fixed incomes, and now deserve a break from legalized thievery. I urge everyone who resents multiple attempts to pick our pockets to defeat this referendum on June 4.

Hey -- let's go even further! How 'bout only white male property owners be allowed to vote! THEM would the "good 'ol days," eh? Once again, it is ludicrous to assert that only property owners be allowed to vote in property tax referenda. Don't cretins like Sharon realize that the apartment owners will only raise their rent if property taxes go up? Does she really think these landlords will only eat the extra cost?

And, as I've queried in the past, I wonder how Sharon would feel if we were allowed to vote "yes" or "no" on the "legalized thievery" that is Social Security. Since it's fairly safe to assume Sharon collects it, I'd ask her for how long she's been collecting it. Studies have shown that people get back what they actually paid into the system in about three years time. Therefore, people like Sharon, after this approximate three year span, are being supported by current workers like me. Why does Sharon think it is OK to "pick our pockets" to support her -- or anyone else's -- retirement? Sounds like "legalized thievery," eh?


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The problem with her arguement about property ownership isn't that renters get away with not paying. It's that renters believe they aren't paying. It's similar to the income tax withholding. If you wrote a check for the taxes you'd be more conscious of what you pay.
Instead of only property owners voting, we need a system where everone understands they pay. That way a vote of yes is an obvious vote to charge yourself more.

Posted by: jef at May 13, 2007 01:21 PM

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