May 09, 2007

That bastion of hard news, the Wilmington News Journal ...

... "discovers" a Cinco de Mayo party at the University of Delaware where young adults -- ready for it? -- acted like drunken fools.

Of course, since this is a university, the politically correct speech police were out in force, and "aggrieved" groups -- in this case the Campus Alliance de La Raza -- are using the "R" word and clamoring that their feelings "were hurt." (Hint: Don't ask this group to translate the last part of their name: "of The Race." Gringos just might take it the wrong way.)

Is the News Journal so pathetically hard up? Are its reporters so imbibed on the PC themes of "social justice" (which includes the mantra that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING must be even remotely "insensitive" to minority groups) that THIS actually made the paper as an ARTICLE?? Now, I wonder if this same News Journal would actually do some HARD reporting and get into the nitty gritty of the multicultural and sensitivity "seminars" that take place at UD and just about every other campus in the land ... seminars that constantly denigrate those of the white hue as inherently biased, racist, and privileged. Chee-yeah, don't hold your breath. Y'see, such "thought control" methods aren't seen as a danger to a free society by entities like the Journal. What they see as the true danger are kids like at the UD showing their insensitivity to an "oppressed" people. Unfortunately, the Journal, like nutty leftists on campus, only believe this until the time comes when something they want freely expressed comes into conflict with the same censorious values they once held dear.

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