May 02, 2007

OK to clandestinely tape phone calls of political opponents ...

... put it out to the media, and then go to court to fight for your "rights" on First Amendment grounds -- if you're a Democrat.

Washington State Rep. Jim McDermott, known for his moonbattiness, disclosed the contents of an illegally taped phone convo between senior members of the then-GOP House leadership. He was sued, and has now lost this latest round of the appeals process. McDermott then served on the House Ethics Committee. How 'bout that??

Hey -- aren't Dems like McDermott all aghast at the president for wanting to wiretap foreign-originated/foreign-designated phone calls for possible terrorist connections? Can't have THAT, can we? But illegally recording your political opponents' phone calls and disclosing the private contents of the calls, well, come ON! That's GOTTA be OK, right?

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Felix, your extreme right-wing partisanship has screwed up your cognitive abilities and your principles, it seems. You ought to take note.

Your cited news report has nothing whatsoever to do with "clandestinely taped phone calls of political opponents", illegal as stated therein, but everything to do with the public disclosure of the conversational content. I happen to agree with the Court of Appeals: McDermott was wrong to publicly disclose the conversations.

That said, I would think your principles would compel you to speak out against Gingrich who in 1996 was speaking to Republicans on the House Ethics Committee how to respond to the ethics allegations against him, for which he later lost his House Speaker position. This was like Gingrich tampering with the jury. Don't you understand that, Felix?

And then the other assertion you have wrong is the nature of the Dem complaints about wiretapping for security purposes. Rather than bding against the wiretapping per se, the Dems were/are against the fact that the President was not following the legal process for so doing, that is, getting the permission of the FISA Court to do the wiretapping. Instead, Bush was making his own law, like dictators do. Don't you understand that either, Felix?

Back to the drawing board for you, Felix, hopefully!

Posted by: Perry at May 3, 2007 10:03 AM