April 29, 2007

Comics industry "squeamish" about upcoming Frank Miller offering?

Considering the ridiculous PC atmosphere in this [modern] era's War on Terror (which several Democratic presidential candidates don't think we're actually in, and fighting), it doesn't come as a surprise that comics genius Frank Miller's upcoming Batman vs. al Qaeda (titled "Holy Terror, Batman!") is being stalled because company execs ... are squeamish about "sending a franchise character on a blood-quest after terrorists."

Say whaaaat??

As previously noted here at Colossus, at least Miller gets it. And it's absolutely amazing how such a book would make execs squeamish, while they saw no problem with a radical group of heroes taking over the United States because of its politics, or likewise, a group of "superheroes" from countries like North Korea, China and countries in the Mid-East occupying the US for similar reasons.

Miller regrets the lack of cojones:

"Our hero's key quote is, 'Those clowns don't know what terror is,' " Miller said. "Then he sets out to get the guys."

With the hero as terrorism avenger, Miller is pointing to the days of comics in the 1940s, when Superman, Captain America and the Human Torch were drawn taking punches at Hitler or Hirohito.

"These terrorists are worse than any villain I can come up with, and I think it's ridiculous that people in entertainment are not showing what we are up against here…. This is pure propaganda, a throwback, there's no bones about it."

Miller also said he relishes a backlash. "I'm ready," he said, "for my fatwa."

Unfortunately, he's probably going to get one, too. But he does have balls, something that the execs lack. Pathetic that a death order may come down for writing a comicbook.

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Maybe you can connect the dots for me. How does DC comic "squeamish"-ness relate to or reflect back on Barack Obama?

Posted by: jason330 at April 29, 2007 10:25 PM

OK...Another indication that my decision to stop buying comics (after Civil War) was the right one! I'd certainly buy the trade paperback of this...That's a really cool line from Bats.

Posted by: Mark at April 30, 2007 08:34 AM

Sure Jase. Always happy to assist the slow of mind.

It has nothing to do with Obama. Obama acknowledged that we're actually fighting a war on terror at the SC Democrat candidates debate. Four others did not. Even so, that part of the post was merely an aside from the actual issue of Miller's comic.

Good enough?

Posted by: Hube at April 30, 2007 06:07 PM