April 28, 2007

An amendment we don't need

... at least based on this duo's logic. Martha Burk (of "Let women play at Augusta at any cost!" infamy) and Eleanor Smeal (President of the Feminist Majority -- majority of what??) want the [old] Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified because

Twenty-three countries -- including Sri Lanka and Moldova -- have smaller gender gaps in education, politics and health than the United States, according to the World Economic Forum. We are 68th in the world in women's participation in national legislatures. On average, a woman working full time and year-round still makes only 77 cents to a man's dollar. Women hold 98 percent of the low-paying "women's" jobs and fewer than 15 percent of the board seats at major corporations.

I see. And an amendment to the Constitution will magically close those "gaps." (By the way, where is this "gender gap in education"? All the stats I've read show a gender gap against males -- women make up more HS graduates and college graduates than men. Burk and Smear, er uh, Smeal must mean the "gaps" in certain areas like math and science.) Gaps that are the result of women's choices. I've already shredded the ridiculous and misleading "77 cents to the dollar" claim -- which is due to women's choices, and the supposed gaps in education and politics are ALSO due to women's choices. I mean, come on -- how exactly will an Equal Rights Amendment mandate equal respresentation in the Congress? It's "easy" -- just override other parts of the Constitution and established law allowing for people to VOTE for who they WANT! Piece of cake!

What makes this attempt even more of a sham is that part of the proposed amendment's exact wording -- Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex -- ultimately will mean squat as, for example, the 14th Amendment's plain wording has allowed for preferential treatment of women of other minorities (a misnomer, actually, since "women" are not a minority) in law and US Supreme Court decisions.

Burk should go back to picketing outside of the Masters golf tournament with her paltry 7 or 8 other protestors, and Smeal should try to figure out the oxymoron that is "Feminist Majority."

John Rosenberg has more.

UPDATE: AJ Lynch sends another article which shreds the "pay gap" complaint.

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Do these hideous characters truly believe the crap they espouse? Or do they just play it because they know where their bread is buttered?

Bottom line, no matter what they do or say, you are right because the laws of nature can not be amended.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at April 28, 2007 10:50 AM