April 25, 2007

Democrats lied, people died

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin on the Senate floor today:

“I was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and I would read the headlines in the paper in the morning and I'd watch the television newscast and I'd shake my head. …[T]he information we had in the Intelligence Committee was not the same information being given to the American people. I couldn't believe it.”
“You see, in the Intelligence Committee, we're sworn to secrecy. We can't walk outside the door and say, ‘The statement made yesterday by the White House is in direct contradiction to classified information that's being given to this Congress.’”
“And so in my frustration, I sat here on the floor of the Senate and listened to this heated debate about invading Iraq thinking the American people are being misled. They are not being told the truth.”

This directly contradicts what other Democrat members of the Intel Committee said at the time: They agreed with Pres. Bush.

When pressed to state specifically "what wasn't the truth" and a "direct contradiction," a Durbin spokesman could only offer this:

Most agencies believe that Saddam's personal interest in and Iraq's aggressive attempts to obtain high-strength aluminum tubes for centrifuge rotors—as well as Iraq's attempts to acquire magnets, high-speed balancing machines, and machine tools—provide compelling evidence that Saddam is reconstituting a uranium enrichment effort for Baghdad's nuclear weapons program. ([The Department of Energy] agrees that reconstitution of the nuclear program is underway but assesses that the tubes probably are not part of the program.)

National Review's Stephen Spruiell notes:

Durbin's spokesman argues that the administration, while "factually correct" when it told the press that most agencies believed the tubes were part of a reconstituted nuclear program, was not being totally honest because it omitted the "greater expertise" of the Department of Energy.

Dick's just being his namesake, it seems to me. At any rate, the spokesman said Durbin can't say more because "it's classified."

Just another reason why Democrats aren't absolutely clobbering Republicans across the land. They're almost as full of BS as the GOP with regards to the war.

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