March 26, 2007

AOL (and the AP and Chuck Hagel) at it again

"Some See Impeachment Option, Hagel Says" is the headline (via AP) over at AOL this morning. Well, DUH. Some of the more radical elements of the national legislature have been clamoring for Bush's impeachment for more than a year now. So, why it this "news" now? Because Chuck Hagel actually reiterated what some of these lawmakers want to do? Wow! Whoopee!

With his go-it-alone approach on Iraq , President Bush is flouting Congress and the public, so angering lawmakers that some consider impeachment an option over his war policy, a senator from Bush's own party (Hagel) said Sunday.

They want to impeach Bush -- over a policy difference?? Which a vast majority of them initially supported?? A policy which the legislature has the power to stop (y'know, a thing called "checks and balances") by cutting off funding for the policy. A policy that the legislature doesn't have the GUTS to stop. Says Hagel:

"Any president who says, I don't care, or I will not respond to what the people of this country are saying about Iraq or anything else, or I don't care what the Congress does, I am going to proceed - if a president really believes that, then there are - what I was pointing out, there are ways to deal with that."

Bush may "not care" what Congress does (or could do), but that's irrelevant. You can't impeach him for "not caring." If Congress cut off funding for the war, Bush could not keep the war going because Congress actually exercised their constitutional powers. So, whether he "cared" about Congress' contrary (to his desires) actions, there'd be nothing he could do about it!

On Sunday, Hagel said he was bothered by Bush's apparent disregard of congressional sentiment on Iraq, such as his decision to send additional troops. He said lawmakers now stood ready to stand up to the president when necessary.

Ohhh! NOW they're ready to "stand up" to Bush! Ooooohhhh! Those "tough" congressmen and senators!

Still, being "bothered" by Bush's "apparent disregard" for congressional sentiment is hardly an impeachable offense, Chuck. Best of luck.

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No, unfortunately the Bush culture of fear-mongering is not an impeachable offense, nor is the Bush culture of deception, because these are the underpinnings of policy not stated under oath.

Moreover, the past GOP Congress forgot their oversight imperative, and the current Dem Congress lacks the courage of their apparent convictions so far, therefore they behave like cowards, so far. So this condition is not just about Bush!

Where we are today is the result of five years of continual brainwashing, leaving us a fearful and paranoid nation, unable/unwilling to act based on principles deeply felt but buried now.

We are now at each other's throats with legal and political harassment, social discrimination, civil rights breaches, intolerance, suspicions, and the undermining of notions of justice.

We are damaged internationally as well. A recent BBC poll of 28,000 in 27 countries had Israel, Iran and the United States rated as the three with the most negative influence in the world.

Sounds bleak, does it not? It is!

Until we uncover our basic principles and act upon them, this moral deterioration will continue unabated and to our demise as a respected nation of principles and the rule of law. The Dems are making an effort to get us back on track, but so far they fall short of my impatient expectations.

PS: I thank Zbigniew Brzezinski for some of the underlying thoughts expressed here.

Posted by: Perry Hood at March 26, 2007 09:32 PM

I cringe when I hear "impeachment" I have seen signs calling out to

Impeach Carper
Impeach Biden
Impeach Clinton
Impeach Bush

Those bumper stickers say more about the person driving the car, than the actions of the person mentioned on the sticker....

Of those four stickers, only one of those went through and it was a fiasco for the Republicans who brought forth the charges. They could never escape the publics' opinion that this impeachment was solely partisan in nature.

Andrew Johnson, the president after Lincoln, was almost impeached, for defying Thaddeus Stevens and that was over a legitimate difference in a policy direction.

So calls to impeach Bush, for making (what is now) an unpopular policy decision, is still possible, but one must ask.......does this country want to have impeachment crises for every future president from now to the end of our nation?

Of course, if High crimes and misdemeanors were ever to arise from within this administration, then, the processes embedded in out Constitution, should be allowed to play out.

Posted by: kavips at March 28, 2007 06:38 AM