March 21, 2007

Avengers Classic coming this June

Ah -- at last something for us Silver Agers to sink our teeth into! Coming in June: Avengers Classic, a new title by Marvel Comics that will feature original stories set in "Earth's Mightiest's" early years. There will also be reprint stories of some of the original stories from that era, penned mostly by Stan "The Man" Lee himself. As a matter of fact, Lee will have an original yarn included in Classic #1 as a back-up story! Original story [regular] creators Dwayne McDuffie and Mike Oeming's

first story recounts an early official meeting where they decide who will be chairman of the team.

Stan tells us the secret origin of how The Avengers truly came together as only Stan can tell it.

This is a great idea, although personally I'd rather just read the original stories set in the old era. I, like I'm sure many other Silver Age fans, have already collected classic Avengers tales via the Essential series. The Essential Avengers is already up to issue #5, taking fans into the early-mid 70s to approximately issue #120.

Comics fans under 25 may not truly appreciate -- or know how to truly appreciate -- Stan Lee's stories. He really knew how to make the reader feel a part of the "Marvel community," for lack of a better term. From the old Marvel "Bullpen" (the creators) to the "Mighty Marvel Marching Society," to the letters pages to liberal use of footnotes noting past references, Lee made you a member of the "club." He never insulted your intelligence (he used more polysyllabic words than you could shake a stick at) and he was genuinely funny. From the opening credits to the interior dialogue, you'd be engrossed in the drama of the story and laughing yourself silly at the same time. I never was a big follower of Daredevil; however, as a kid I recall reading some reprints of early DD tales, and remember how Lee's banter via dialogue balloons -- not to mention the opening credits where the poor letterer was always busted on -- were absolutely hysterical! Just check out these few examples:

"Stand back, average typical crowd of passersby"?? "I even get airsick standin' on a thick rug"?? You just don't see this kind of clean comedic fun in the "funny books" anymore. Today's writers are too busy taking themselves too seriously -- they have to be "relevant."

(At least when a Republican's in the White House.)

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