March 21, 2007

Superhero kills the president

Here we go again! This summer will witness "Black Summer," a new comic series along the lines of The Authority where a superhero unilaterally judges the US president to be a "war criminal" ... and kills him. The author is Warren Ellis, who also co-created The Authority, so this really shouldn't surprise anyone. John Horus, the "most committed" of an original team dubbed the "Seven Guns" -- "a group of young politically-aware scientist-adventurers who modified their own bodies for street-fighting in order to take back their West Coast city from a corrupt police force, criminal local government and rapacious private security forces" -- asks himself

"If, in fact, your perspective is such that you believe your President to have prosecuted an illegal war and thereby caused the deaths of thousands of people isn't that a crime? Do you let that pass?"

Well, obviously Horus doesn't think so. But Ellis says he's "writing it from both [political] angles at once and letting people make up their own minds." And I tend to believe him. Though his work on The Authority was certainly from a left-wing perspective, he didn't have the team taking over the United States government -- that was left other authors including fake Army Ranger Micah Wright. And, as Ellis notes, the other members of the Seven Guns were hardly in agreement with Horus' actions, and gets especially pissed when the government (which is unaware that Horus acted alone) comes after them as well in retaliation for the president's murder.

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