March 20, 2007

Have you seen these images on the MSM?

Nope. You're only likely to catch them if you happen to have C-SPAN on live. The following are from San Francisco:

This dude is classic. He's got the grizzled fishin' cap, salt and pepper beard, the old musty greenish-brown sweater... probably a professor of some humanities course like sociology. I wonder who classic dude here thinks is a bigger threat to the planet -- "imperialist" USA or radical/fundamentalist Islam -- how'd he answer. Oops! He's already made that clear! Silly me!

Now check this one out! "US out of my ovaries"?? Is this a chick? Sure looks like a dude to me! And pardon me, but isn't there a thing called Roe v. Wade which makes abortion legal across the land? Sheesh. Someone wake Mr. Bohemian here the hell up!

Here we see an illiterate (who doesn't know the difference between the three "T" words "there," "they're" and "THEIR") who repeats the oldie but goodie "Bush is the REAL terrorist." The word on his shirt is quite apt, eh?

Now here's a real "patriot," eh? OK, we're told that to dissent is patriotic, and I surely agree to an extent, but not this extent. Why is it necessary to degrade the entire country and what it stands for just because you disagree with the current president and/or his policies? I think it's safe to assume this dolt is just totally clueless as to how lucky he is to actually be able to do what he's doing with no repercussions. Oh, wait -- don't we live in a fascist police state? Someone call the cops!

The following are from LA:

Yeah! That way nobody will have a job -- just like this guy!

Ah yes, the old "Zionist-Nazi conspiracy." Huh? Meanwhile, back up in San Fran, some College Republican students who stepped on makeshift Hamas and Hezbollah flags were brought up on charges (who have since had 'em dropped after FIRE's intervention) -- the 'ol "attempts to incite violence and create a hostile environment" and "actions of incivility." But I thought the US government was the fascist police state! Weird, then, that a college in America's most liberal city would attempt to stifle people's free expression, while on the very streets of that city (and LA) people can walk freely doing what you see in these very pictures.

What irony!

(h/t to Right Wing News for the images!)

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I keep hoping the "Big One" will eventually take all of Kalifornia right into the ocean... and these freaks right along with it.

Posted by: greg at March 21, 2007 04:35 PM

I attended the counter protest in D.C. The protesters there were of two stripes : nuts and communists. I know it's hard to believe there still are communists but watching 50 to 60 Che Guevarra signs and a couple of hammer and sickle banners go by is pretty convincing. While most of the Che worshippers may have been young enough not to understand what he represented, the signs motto was "The workers struggle has no borders".

Posted by: jef at March 22, 2007 09:39 AM