March 18, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

This week's winner is Hockessin's L. Eudora Pettigrew, Ph.D. who believes that the News Journal -- the News Journal!! -- is racially biased against African-Americans:

The recent article, "Delaware Women Wield More Influence Than Ever" is noteworthy in that with the exception of Lisa Blunt Rochester, former head of Metro Wilmington Urban League and who is no longer in Delaware, no woman of color is presented as having any influence in the Legislature of the state of Delaware. I am puzzled as to why Margaret Rose Henry, senator of the 2nd Senatorial District of the state of Delaware and an African-American female, was not included in the presentation. Sen. Henry was elected in 1994 to the Delaware Senate and provides significant contributions to the people of the state of Delaware. Did race play a factor in the presentations in The News Journal article?

African-American women have not struggled for many decades for equality and justice merely to be further oppressed by the press and media presentations about white women.

It can be debated as to whether Senator Henry's contributions are "significant;" however, does anyone really believe that the Wilmington News Journal is racially biased against African-Americans? To me, this is akin to the claims that universities are "racially insensitive," "biased," "prejudiced," etc. because certain percentages of enrollment may not have been met, or because there are not "enough" professors "of color" teaching. The fact that the modern university is possibly THE friendliest place for a minority (the prodigious amount of "sensitivity" and "multicultural" seminars for undergraduates, many which mandate attendance, not to mention speech codes of dubious constitutionality) is conveniently overlooked when the "bean-counters" look to complain.

If Dr. Pettigrew stopped for a moment to consider the totality of the News Journal's coverage, the contention that it's racially biased should become obvious: It's not. I think it's safe to say that virtually every MSM (mainstream media) outlet fits this bill. If anything, these mediums go out of their way to be as ... "politically correct" as possible -- so as not to be perceived as framing African-Americans in any sort of negative light.

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