March 07, 2007

Laugh of the Day

Jason Scott, formerly of Delaware Liberal, was a rank partisan. But at least he had a sense of humor and usually knew when he was getting really wacky in his comments and posts.

Not so those who have taken over for him. They've turned DE Liberal into the First State's version of the Democratic Underground. Meaning, they are moonbattingly beyond partisan in a way Jason never was, and as but one small bit of proof they actually have the cojones -- with a straight face -- to write something like this.

If Colossus is a "freshly minted right wing spin ideological stink hole," then what precisely does this make DE Liberal? We're taking original, polysyllabic (LiberalGeek and Dr. Nick: this means "more than one syllable") suggestions in the comments. Be original!

I'm actually starting to regret the hard time I used to give Jason. And I never thought I'd say "I miss him."

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Meanwhile you still talk about Battle Star Gallactica and where the next Star Trek convention will take place.

Nanu nanu!

Posted by: donviti at March 8, 2007 09:25 AM

I agree that Delaware Liberal has, somehow, suffered with the loss of Jason. I can tolerate liberalgeek, but Dr. Nick is a total amateur. His whole shtick boils down to calling people wing-nuts, shills, and other words-of-the-day picked up from the internet message boards. I have conservative tendencies but that does not mean I can't see how ridiculous the Republican party leaders have become. That said, Democrats are guilty of the same cheap political tricks; they just take their bribes from different groups and use different scare tactics to stay in power. Republicans are not racist boogey men and democrats are not unpatriotic or sympathetic to terrorists. I enjoy reading this blog and I used to enjoy Delaware Liberal, but given the immaturity that has taken over Delaware Liberal i might find another left leaning blog for a more realistic and less blindly partisan take on things.

Posted by: bc at March 8, 2007 09:54 AM

Meanwhile you still talk about Battle Star Gallactica and where the next Star Trek convention will take place.

Actually, it's spelled "Battlestar Galactica." It's critically acclaimed by even non-scifi fans. It deals with subject matter that only makes people of the DE Liberal and dimwitty crowd scratch their heads and go "Huh?"

Never been to a Trek convention and never will. I like the show(s) but that's going way too far.

Nanu nanu!

Wasn't that "Mork and Mindy"? Hated that show.

Posted by: Hube at March 8, 2007 03:55 PM

bc: Thanks for being a regular visitor to Colossus. We sure appreciate it. :-)

Posted by: Hube at March 8, 2007 05:26 PM