March 06, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week, part deux

Gay Jones of Wilmington writes:

Virginia's General Assembly has issued a proclamation of "deep regret" for slavery in their state. For sure they aren't willing to compensate the descendants.

Are they willing to make sure black children get a good education? Are they willing to hire qualified blacks for jobs. Are they willing to allow blacks to move into white neighborhoods. Are they willing to cover black communities activities in their newspapers, instead of only printing pictures of black criminals. This would truly show their regrets for all the hangings, beatings, separating families and sexual abuse of black women and on and on and on.

Colossus' Felix already discussed this issue quite adequately here. But I'd add (re: ask Ms. Jones):

1. Define "willing to make sure black children get a good education." How are they not getting one now, precisely? Granted, there are some inner city areas around the country where school infrastructures are far from optimal, but even in those cases, whose primary responsibility is it "to make sure" [black] children get a good education -- the children's parents ... or [white] society's?

2. Where is the definitive proof that qualified blacks are being passed over for jobs they apply for? If this is an argument for blanket affirmative action, fine. But it is disingenuous to tie that into a reparations debate since many folks can be against AA but for strict and aggressive handling of INDIVIDUAL bias cases against employers. Blanket AA automatically assumes that all employers are prejudiced/biased against minorities (in this case, blacks) without any proof. If a claimant believes he/she has been discriminated against, let him/her bring an individual case against their [potential] employer with all the relevant facts.

3. Where precisely are blacks being prevented from moving into white neighborhoods? Sure, I've read about how some real estate agents will sometimes "direct" black clients to predominately black neighborhoods, but how does that mean that they have to select a house in that neighborhood?

4. If the News Journal is indicative of your typical daily newspaper (and there's little reason to not think otherwise), then the claim of not covering black community activities is pure hogwash. And regarding pics of black criminals (and/or the reporting thereof), it's now standard procedure in too many periodicals (including the News Journal) not to publish the race of wanted criminals in police reports. Why? Simply because it's politically incorrect to do so. That's why this last "complaint" is the dopiest of all.

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