March 05, 2007

Dopey Philly Inquirer Letter of the Week

Richmond Gardner of Horsham has a problem with the concept of checks and balances, among other things:

How incredibly disgusting that such an unconscionable act as holding people without accountability could be rendered legal ("Court rejects challenges by detainees," Feb. 21). That's the sort of chipping away at legal rights that sooner or later comes back to haunt American citizens.

Yeah! To hell with precedent about "illegal combatants" and even the very letter of the law (such as in the Geneva Conventions)! How dare the judicial branch agree with an executive branch opinion!

What we have is a rogue chief executive, trampling centuries of legal protections. Failure to protect "bad guys" in U.S. custody is not an isolated act that will happen only once; actions have consequences.

Yeah, that "rogue." Nobody can stop him, dammit! And those centuries of legal protections -- recall how George W. Bush interned Muslim-Americans in internment camps; how he unilaterally suspended habeas corpus even though the Constitution clearly states that power is reserved for Congress; imagine if he jailed political opponents at will and had US soldiers intimidate non-Republican voters ... wait -- that wasn't George W. Bush! Those were Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, respectively!

So much for those "centuries of legal protections," eh? Suddenly, George Bush's legal efforts against terrorists look kinda tame, huh?

And then the real kicker:

There was a mention of 9/11 among the reasons given for the court decision. Yes, Osama bin Laden is the primary culprit in this. But the president showed negligence, incompetence and dereliction of duty. Bin Laden could not have succeeded had the president done his own job.

Yes, indeed. George Bush -- in office all of eight months -- was "negligent" "incompetent" and "derelict" in his duty. The ... "uncomfortable" fact that Bush's predecessor in eight years didn't do anything about bin Laden is ... what? A "mere oversight"??

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