March 01, 2007

Put down ... of the "incorrect" type

Hassle a fellow student about being a Mormon by pestering her with "she has 10 moms"? No biggie. But if said Mormon student responds by saying "That's so gay," well, WAIT A SECOND! GET TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE NOW!

That's what happened to Rebekah Rice in (you guessed it!) California. Yep -- she got disciplined while those harassing her didn't get any punishment. Rice's parents are now suing, mostly on free speech grounds (with which I disagree -- schools have consistently been allowed to restrict certain speech that can impede the educational environment).

Rice says her utterance was merely to signify "That's so stupid/silly/dumb," and I believe her. I hear this type of thing in school quite often. I am not saying it is right; far from it. I've informed students when I've heard this in my class that it is inappropriate and that I don't want to hear it again. Unfortunately, Rice is correct in her contention that the synonymity of "gay" to "dumb" in such an expression is all too common, especially among teens.

But Rice's reprimand really is not the issue. The issue is that she got reprimanded while those mocking her religious beliefs were not! It is this and this alone which her parents should be pissed off about (but still not enough to sue, mind you).

Just yet another example of how the multicultis don't really mean it. Certain things are allowed to be dissed.

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Someone should ask Eliza Byard how she feels about Ms. Rice being asked about multiple mommies. I clicked on the article because I saw the abridged version in the NJ. I thought for sure they would address that infraction somewhere within the article. They didn't. I don't know whether it merits a lawsuit but something should definately be said.

Posted by: Al at March 1, 2007 08:30 PM