February 13, 2007

Free Speech -- of the "right type"

Constitutionally protected free speech means the right to burn the United States flag. So, imagine what a public university's officials would say if a group of radical students did just that in a campus square. "What CAN we do?" they'd ask. "It's protected speech." And they'd be 100% correct.

Not so at San Francisco State University. Oh, well, if it was an American flag you can be there'd be no hassle whatsoever. However, the flags stomped on were those of Hamas and Hezbollah, and those doing the stomping were the College Republicans. (There are Republicans in 'Frisco??)

After students filed a complaint claiming they were offended because the flags bore the word "Allah," SFSU initiated an investigation into accusations of incitement, creation of a hostile environment, and incivility.

But of course! That is the very mantra of the Campus Left -- "hostile environment," "incivility," and that nonsense. But the only things "hostile" and "uncivil" were the ideas of the protestors -- hostile and uncivil to the [Campus] Left. And to the Left there is virtually no greater sin than to go against their prevailing orthodoxy. After all, Hamas and Hezbollah aren't really terrorist organizations, they're "freedom fighters" against the oppressive, imperialist American capitalist state, and that of the Zionist entity (y'know, Israel), and it is blasphemous to be "hostile" to people who are already "awash" in hostility.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has come to the aid of the College Repubs, writing to SFSU:

In a free society, neither SFSU nor any other agency of the government has the power to investigate a group simply for disrespecting a religious symbol. By continuing this investigation, SFSU is not just charting new territory in campus repression, but its actions come into direct conflict with the United States Constitution. The charges against the College Republicans must be immediately dismissed.
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Remind me; what school was it that decided it was okay for a teacher to tell her students to go knock down a bunch of crosses that another student group had set up? Pretty sure it was in California...

Posted by: G Rex at February 15, 2007 09:36 AM