February 11, 2007

Back from Indy

Wow, what an experience. Talk about having one's intellect stretched and challenged! And it was a lot of fun. The title of the colloquium was "Liberty, Markets and Voluntarism in the Progressive Era City." It may sound, well, "dry," but the discussions were superb, and you didn't have to be an "expert" in the field to participate adequately or to offer intriguing insights. That being said, the collective brainpower assembled (excluding myself, for the nonce) was impressive to say the least. University of Alabama's David Beito of the Liberty and Power blog (and who invited me to the conference) was highly enjoyable to listen to, and moderator Peter Mentzel of Utah State I could hear lecture all day. His knowledge is prodigious. I want to extend a hearty "thank you" to David Beito for his generous invitation and I'd surely love to participate in any future Liberty Fund event!

While in Indy, I met up with Greg of Aeropagitica! Greg generously bought me lunch at a great brew house (reminded me quite a bit of the Washington St. Ale House, for all you Delawareans) and we shared a couple hours of great conversation covering a gamut of topics. Below is a snap of Greg and I, after lunch, in my hotel's lobby. (Apologies for the poor quality; I don't think the concierge knew precisely how to operate my phone-camera!)

And almost as important as the conference (!) was a discovery late last evening on the TV while I was packing for home: Remastered original series "Star Trek" episodes!! The episode "The Doomsday Machine" last night was absolutely sensational with the updated special effects, sounds, and colors. But it was done tastefully -- the F/X were clearly not 2007 quality, but were improved just enough to really make the suspense -- and overall story -- greatly enhanced!

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